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Our main emphasis lies in providing support to law firms, wealth management entities, and hedge funds.

Despite our experience in infrastructure projects for US Government contractors, multi-location supermarket chains, and global corporations with offices spanning 13 countries, we are particularly drawn to the diverse spectrum of law firm dynamics that demand a high level of professionalism for success.

The ABA TechReport 2023

Survey findings show that 59% of firms of 100-499 attorneys,
54% of firms with 50-99, 34% of firms with 10-49 employees, and 19% of firms with 2-9 employees, having an incident response plan, as well as solo respondents, emphasize the criticality of an incident response plan. It's essential for successfully weathering the aftermath of a cyber incident.


The 2023 Survey reported that 54% of attorneys have 2FA available.

"Microsoft’s own data supports that implementing MFA will stop 99.9% of credential-based account attacks. With such a high effective rate, every lawyer should be using MFA everywhere they can, both personally and professionally."


of respondents reported that their firms had a full security assessment performed by a third party.

Even if your firm had a third party perform a security assessment, that doesn’t prevent your client or a potential client from asking to see the firm’s security requirements documents/guidelines.

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ABA Tech Report 2023 Conclusion

“Cybersecurity should be top-of-mind for every attorney. Constant vigilance is needed to keep our data safe and secure. The attack methods have become more sophisticated, often aided by the use of artificial intelligence. While many data breaches start with a phishing email, social engineering also plays a role, especially where financial transactions are involved. Cybersecurity awareness training for employees should be performed once a year at a minimum considering threats, vulnerabilities, and attack methods. Firms should also plan for implementing a Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA)”

Our passion lies in fueling our clients' success and strengthening their businesses. Partnering with us unlocks opportunities to reach your goals while safeguarding against the latest cyber threats.

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