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What is Managed IT Services?

Simply put, we manage your IT environment and handle all the IT support tasks your firm requires. It’s like having your own IT department but without the staffing overhead and complexity. Computer systems need to be maintained regularly for them to perform optimally, but that’s the tip of the iceberg, that’s where we come in. Below are some of the typical categories of business technology that we are constantly monitoring and or taking action steps on.

  • Help Desk

    This is the tool we use daily to keep track of our interaction with you, our clients.

    Support Tickets
    Contact information
    Project Plans
  • IT Documentation

    Documentation is paramount to an organizations management of successful IT Systems.

  • Backup & Disaster Recovery

    Without a BDR strategy in place, a company increases the risk of a disaster shutting down its business permanently.

    Identify your Data
    Backup Schedule
    Test Backups
  • Patch Management

    Computer systems need to be maintained regularly for them to perform optimally.

    Security Patches
    Feature Updates
    Firmware Updates
  • Anti Virus

    You can not rely on built-in protection of operating systems to keep you safe from Viruses and Malware.

    Online Shields
    Realtime Scanning Protection
  • Software Updates

    Software companies continue to update their software to meet user demands for features and the constant cat and mouse game that comes from the operating system changes.

    Feature Updates
    Operating System Changes
  • Software Assets

    Manage software in different categories, such as managed software, software installs and licenses

    Software Accounts
    Software Licenses
    Software Install Files
  • Hardware Assets

    Hardware typically has a 3-5 year lifespan. and it can be hard to keep track of who in your organization has what asset

  • Vendor Management

    We manage your relationship with all your IT vendors, this also enables us to provide support without having to get the account holder involved.

    Internet Service Provider
    Domain Hosting
    Cloud Server Hosting
    Phone System Provider
  • Phone Systems

    With the rapid adoption of IP Phone technology and remote working, legacy phone systems are becoming a rarity. We work with many Vendors to find one that fits your organisation.

    Phone Text and Fax
    Video Conferencing
    Smart Phone Integration
  • Email Systems

    The days of maintaining your own in-house email server are long gone. however, even Office 365 accounts need to be set up correctly.

    Office 365 Hardening
    Distribution Lists
    Adds & Changes
  • Data Systems

    Whether you use a File Server or Cloud Server, there are maintenance considerations

    Access Permissions
    Data Storage Costs
  • Firewall

    Many businesses still rely on the ISP issued modem router to secure their network. This is a huge mistake. While no firewall is hack-proof, lets at least do everything we can to make it harder

    Packet Inspection
    Geo Blocking
  • Network

    Your network consists of your firewall, switches, cabling, rack, UPS, printers, phones, & servers. we also manage who has access to what resource.

    Managed Switches
    Data Access Controls
  • VPN

    A VPN should be used by everyone when outside of your business network.

    At Home
    At Coffee Shops
    At Hotels
    At Airports