Reduce financial, operational, and reputational risk significantly

Optimize Your Tech Investments for Business Growth, Risk Management, and Compliance. Our IT Managed Services Support ensures continuous productivity by promptly addressing technical issues, minimizing downtime, and maintaining seamless operations.

The Threat landscape is changing with the Adoption of AI

Cyber threats, driven by hackers relentlessly seeking vulnerabilities and weaknesses, now leverage AI for their objectives. It’s vital to have dedicated teams focused on identifying these security gaps within your business technology assets and network.

Our IT managed services prioritize complete environment compliance. However, our commitment to your security goes beyond. Through recurring third-party security assessments, conducted not only within our network environments but also across our clients’ setups, differentiates us in the Managed Services space.

Teaming up with a dedicated 3rd party cyber security group, who actively review our tools, configurations, and behaviors, rigorously seeking weaknesses. As the saying goes, ‘you can’t proofread your own work’—the same principle applies to cyber security.

These ongoing 3rd party assessments offer peace of mind, ensuring a dedicated cyber security-focused team continuously evaluates our work and your business assets for vulnerabilities.

Regular assessments are essential; one-time evaluations fall short. Configuration changes, Hackers evolve, discovering new entry points into networks and cloud assets, unveiling vulnerabilities. Protecting your business demands persistent vigilance against these ever-evolving threats.

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Compliance Managed IT Cyber Security Denver
Collaborating with Us
Your Journey Ahead

Risk Intelligence and Countermeasures (RIC) Master Plan launch by using the results of an independent third-party cybersecurity assessment to uncover and remediate deficiencies. Direct rapid mitigation of highest-risk vulnerabilities.

Secure IT Foundation

Fundamental requirements for secure, reliable digital operations by providing a core set of ongoing IT management services.
Provides optimal productivity all day, every day.
Protects against extended business interruption and/or data loss

Advanced Security

Provides ongoing enterprise-caliber cyber defense that every organization needs to protect itself against the ever-escalating volume of attacks being perpetrated by relentlessly inventive hackers.
Reduces financial, operational, and reputational risk significantly

Compliance as a Service (CaaS)

Achieve and maintain compliance with the growing range of increasingly complex and wide-ranging operational requirements mandated by government agencies, industry certification authorities, and others.
Dramatically reduce the burden of complying with expanding mandates.


Reap the benefits of having a Chief Security Officer while avoiding the costs and risks associated with executive search, recruitment, compensation, retention, and turnover. These are especially significant given the extreme global shortage of experienced, qualified cybersecurity professionals at this level.

3rd-party cybersecurity assessment

We utilize an independent third-party cybersecurity assessment service in conjunction with this Risk Intelligence and Countermeasures (RIC) Master Plan,
to provides High-value diagnosis of current security posture.
Periodic assessments measure RIC Master Plan performance/progress over time. Objective third-party audit is a plus for regulators, insurers, customers, and others

Compliance Standards
Compliance Managed IT Cyber Security Denver

Why Partner with Us?

Partnering with us as your IT Managed Service Provider brings you unparalleled benefits. We meticulously integrate compliance best practices into every aspect of our configurations and client interactions, guaranteeing your operations align with regulatory standards effortlessly.

With our CISSP certification and dedicated Compliance as a Service offering, you gain the advantage of a secure and compliant infrastructure.

Your peace of mind is assured as we prioritize your security, enabling you to focus on your core business, knowing your digital environment is safeguarded at every step.

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Our passion lies in fueling our clients' success and strengthening their businesses. Partnering with us unlocks opportunities to reach your goals while safeguarding against the latest cyber threats.

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Rule #1

Think before you click

Rule #2

Enable Encytption

Rule #3

Test Backups

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Rule #5

Document it, otherwise it never happened

Rule #6

Use Strong Passwords


At Xtb Solutions, our foundation is built upon unwavering integrity. Since our establishment as a personalised IT operation in 2008, we’ve upheld the highest standards of trust and reliability.

Specializing in handling sensitive information for law firms, wealth management firms, and high-net-worth individuals, our mission is to safeguard your data with uncompromising integrity.

We are dedicated to delivering top-tier IT solutions while prioritizing confidentiality, security, and the seamless operation of your most critical systems.

Our commitment is not just to technology but to the trust our clients place in us.

Compliance Managed IT Cyber Security Denver

Fortifying Cybersecurity Solutions for Denver’s Law Firms: Your Trusted IT Managed Services Provider


NIST – FINRA – SEC Compliance Cyber Security Managed Service Provider with a focus on Law and Wealth Management firms in Denver, Colorado.

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