We are excited about our new journey, with the addition of Centerbase Practice Management Software as another tool that empowers out clients.

At its core, Centerbase is a powerful customer relationship manger (CRM) helping to keep track of your business leads and contacts and track referral partners.  but it goes so deep and is extremely customizable with workflows that enable task automation, for example completing a conflicts check when on boarding a new client.

“The business of law is complex, fast-paced, and full of myriad obstacles and demands. Lawyers need to balance billable work and administrative work. Funds allocated to overhead and administration are limited. Strike the wrong balance, and the law firm is no longer profitable. Strike the right balance, and employees stay longer and partners go home richer…. Lack of processes, controls and data can make work at a law firm seem more like a visit to the casino than a smooth running business, as the firm lurches from crisis to success and back again. Workflow software offers a solution to these problems”

The Centerbase team have done an outstanding job adding in all the functionality that law firms require to function efficiently,  some of which were previously only enjoyed with on premises expensive software. from keeping track of Matters, Documents  and time keeping, integrated accounting. Centerbase allows you to include LEDES billing on a matter-by-matter basis.



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