Your Google Chrome browser should always be kept up to date. while the auto-update is set by default, it sometimes doesn’t.

To Update Google Chrome – Click the 3 verticle dots in the upper right corner of your browser. ( the 3 vertical drop is the new standard in user interfaces that denotes a drop-down menu.) Then choose help at the bottom of the list and then choose About Google Chrome.
This will automatically start an updates check. if needed you will be prompted to relaunch Chrome to complete the update.

Google Chrome Saved passwords – Like most people, we tend to follow the path of least resistance. So when google prompts you to save a password you just used to login to a favorite website, you think, Oh that’s handy. and click save. As useful as that may be, please stop doing that. it has been reported that this information can be accessed.  While I acknowledge that it’s a real pain to keep track of all of your passwords, you could always use a passwords manager to help reduce the frustration.   you can read about the top 5 password managers here

To review what passwords you have saved in Google Chrome click the 3 vertical dots in the upper right side of your browser and choose Settings, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click Advanced.  Continue to scroll down to the Passwords and forms section.  there are 2 sections here that need to be reviewed.

Managed passwords – I recommend turning off Offer to save passwords.  this will stop Chrome from asking you every time you log in to a website to save the credentials.
Your next move is to review and delete the saved passwords.

Autofill Settings – Here you will probably see Addresses and Credit card info you have previously used.  Delete it.  or at the very least delete your credit card information.


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