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Giving Back – Social Good

A few years ago we were asked to help out with a security and infrastructure project by a developer we have a long working relationship with, since the project would let us stretch our skills in AWS / Security / website load- balancing we decided to take on the project and didn’t think too much about it until it came time to invoice the client. Both Carlos and I felt that this category of client, being in the industry they were in didn’t fit our ethos of who we are and who we wanted to support as a company. And so our social good donation strategy was born.

We decided to simply use every dollar, (without taking out our expenses or bank charges) that came in from these types of clients and use all of the money to help others in need. We have not advertised what we are doing because we believe in donating without recognition.
However, we soon realized that we could do more if we had others join us, and so we are encouraging everyone to donate to help us do more.

If you would like to donate please contact us. Thank You!